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"A Palm Sunday Prayer"©

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Loving Creator, Redeemer, Friend; the world's heart bleeds--- drip, drip, drip.

Pride, Hatred, Violence, War!

Blood soaks the dust of the earth!

Too much to process Lord!

Too much to see Lord!



We're worn out, Lord!

Slow rusty waters of denial erode the fabric of our souls.

Spirit of God who binds all creation together, give us the courage to be real about our fear of vulnerability.

Replace war horses with donkeys as we follow Jesus to the cross.

Join Jesus as he cries over Jerusalem.

Join Jesus as we cry with him over a world lost in effortless pursuits for control.

We are sick of being sick and tired.

We are sick of being lost in a wilderness desert chasing our tails

All because we base our identities on allegiances less than we are followers of Jesus Christ!

Civil religion seeks to burn the realties exposed by the cross.

We are sick and tired because we treat the cross more like a sentimental journey than we do a way of life.

We are sick and tired because we who say we follow Jesus act like the prayer "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in the realm of God," is nothing more than idealistic hot air.

God of death and resurrection, give us the courage to take up our crosses and follow Jesus!

For you go with us as we dare to face the vulnerability laying down our lives out of love calls forth.

We lay down our lives when we dare to cry the tears of the world.

We lay down our lives when we dare to enter into the suffering of humanity.

We lay down our lives when we let go of independence and discover the true freedom that comes when we embody the inter-dependence of beloved community.

Replace our fear of suffering and the drip, drip, drips of denial that slowly anesthetize with


Birthing new life...


May we dare to claim God's victory over death and help each other breathe in and breathe out resurrection life!

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