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discovery expeditions

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more about discovery expeditions

  • In what ways can we more intentionally invite each other to open the joy of participating in Christ, the Center, relational formation? 

  • In what ways does focusing relationship practices and ministry practices around the core vision: Jesus’ Friends Are Our Friends Too get us in touch with the triune love of God who sets us free from suspicious societal scripts that place persons into better than/ lesser than categories?

  • In what ways do the sacred stories revealed in the Old and New Testaments (unveil suspicious often unexamined scripts) that lead to fragmentation rather than wholeness?

  • In what ways do these suspicious scripts rob passion from our hearts and distract us from the ways God wants us to get curious and grow by entering into relationships with persons who have radically different mindsets than our own?

  • What are the suspicious scripts that influence us to put ourselves and others in better than/lesser than categories?

  • In what ways do these scripts prevent us from becoming Christ-like friends with persons across social categories?

  • What are the characteristics of Christ-like friendship that flow out of triune agape love?

  • What characteristics will we intentionally nurture in one another?

  • In what ways will a more intimate journey into God awareness and self-awareness open us to the new creation birth that occurs when we become Christ-like friends with persons across socially constructed categorizations?  

Discover Expeditons

various processes of discovery

  • Various practices, processes, and curriculum assist with implementing discipleship material designed to help congregations form fruitful relational evangelism ministry strategies as a way of life.

  • Multiple formats for all ages available including: online via zoom, in person small group gatherings, retreat settings, and/or pilgrimage.

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