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"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey... Have A Prayer Day!"©

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

One of my favorite songs to sing with my 30 months old grandson, Daniel, starts like this:,

"Give me a beat!" He starts playing the drums with his fingers and we sing "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! Boom Boom!" "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! Boom Boom!" (We sing this several times...) Next comes the line: "Hey, Hey, Hey! Hey!" "Hey, Hey, Hey! Hey!" After about 30 seconds,... we add, "Have a Prayer Day!" "Have a Prayer Day!" Then we enjoy a variation of a song that's fun to step in rhythm and sing along as we remember God desires everyday to be a prayer day!

Yesterday, Daniel and I sang this song while riding on a carousel. As we rode around in circles, a realization came into clearer view.

Prayer puts us on various forms of carousels revealing God's perceptions.

Holy God!

Immerse our prayers in carousels of agape.

Reveal more ways of being with you in prayer.

Fill us with your perceptions.

While we were riding, Daniel said, "Pa Bart, I'm riding a horse! You're riding a fish!"

I said, "I never rode a fish before!"

We laughed...

Then we started singing again: "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! Have a Prayer Day!"

The carousel we were riding included many different species of God's creation like turtles, rabbits, wolves, grasshoppers, elephants, dogs, cats, and camels too to name a few.

Indeed, God's carousels of agape love invite us to discover the joy of entering into deeper caring relationships with all of creation.

"Prayer days" help us realize God hands out tickets to every human being inviting us to ride together on carousels of grace.

God's carousel rides are not limited to suspicious social categorizations that isolate.

They carry us a cross boundaries so we may experience the beauty of seeing through eyes of all colors.

"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! Have a Prayer Day!"

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