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A pilgrimage of rumination that helps participants remember significant relationships and ways the significant persons in our lives influenced our perceptions of God, self, and others.
God awareness and self-awareness increase when we take a closer look at the
sacred friendships that have influenced who we are.


  • What has each of my friends taught me about what God is like?
  • In what ways are characteristics of Christ-like friendship different from the ways we tend to define friendship?
  • In what ways can I have conversations with my friends and discuss ways we have helped each other become more like Jesus?
  • As I fall deeper in love with God, in what ways am I becoming more open to becoming friends with persons who are in different social categorizations than me?
  • In what ways is my spiritual growth connected to forming new friendships with persons I tend to treat as lesser than?

Summary Outcome:
The deeper we fall in love with the triune God of all creation, the more likely we are to form and nurture Christ-like friendships with persons we have tended to view as lesser than. This leads to healing, growth, and transformation.


Formats of Discovery
. Online via Zoom small group journey designed especially for your church and/or organization (Seven One-Hour sessions)
. In person at your gathering place (Seven One-Hour Sessions)
. Overnight retreat either on the site of your gathering place or at Saint Francis Springs Prayer Center located in Stoneville, North Carolina (see their website per lodging/meal costs)


How large does the group need to be?
5-12 participants

(In addition to costs per Saint Francis Springs), Honorarium: $450.00, deposit of $100 required.
Gathering times for the over-night retreat will be uniquely designed to meet the needs of your group.
*(Per each on site event travel related expenses will vary.)

Friendship Journey Map | $450

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