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Re-discovering Life Changing theological concepts that penetrate the fog caused by suspicious concepts that have hurt the church and the world… (Discipleship material ideal for confirmation journey that partners teenagers with adult mentors…)


An immersion in the ground of all being: the triune agape of God, three in One/One in three;


A closer look at the theology of “the fall” as recorded in Genesis 3; A closer look at the Holiness revealed in the Old Testament journey of exodus; A closer look at the meaning of prophetic uncovering; A closer look at the question who defines what social justice looks like; A closer look at evil and the journey of prayer inspired by contemplatively praying the Psalms; A closer look at the silver lining of the cup of suffering; A closer look at the atonement; A closer look at the meaning of incarnation; A closer look at the Biblical images of the church; A closer look at the way of life described in The Sermon on the Mount; Identity reformation and baptism;  A closer look at the theology of holy communion/the Lord’s Supper/ eucharist; A closer look at the meaning of “end times” and ways our perceptions of God’s Kingdom Come influence our breathing in/out here and now and our role as Kingdom builders. The Wesleyan plan of salvation and ways these lenses lead us along the journey of breathing in and out the agape of God.


(Also includes teaching designed to help participants discover beautiful ways to embody the holy scriptures.)


This in-depth journey is designed as confirmation type curriculum for teenagers and their adult mentors.


Format Options:

  • 20 one-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Retreat model settings
  • A variety of retreat model settings can be designed to meet the schedules and needs of group participants.
  • In-person options are available. Travel reimbursements will vary per location.



$850.00, deposit of $100 required.

Course 01: Re-discovering Life Changing Theological Concepts | $850

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